About us

What is Seismic?

Seismic CB Ltd is a public company registered in South-Africa and the token is availible on the Ethereum and BNB Blockchains.

Seismic's mission revolves around offering transactional, credit & investment services within South Africa and globally, presenting a new and innovative option beyond conventional banking and the use of crypto tokens. Our aim is to ensure secure deposits and affordable convenience for users operating within the Ethereum and BNB Blockchains. and real-world applications.

At Seismic CB Ltd, we prioritize the utmost integrity, security, and transparency within our operations. Our commitment is to deliver a seamless and enjoyable experience for our clients & investors as they transact within and through our platform on the Ethereum and BNB Blockchains.

What makes us different?

Navigating cryptocurrency and its utilization can often seem intimidating for many individuals.

Seismic strives to offer a range of services and products that simplify and make cryptocurrency usage accessible to everyone.

We implement various measures to eradicate the conventional risks associated with using cryptocurrency entirely. Our goal is to instill confidence in your transactions, providing guidance through an approachable team of experts who specialize in their respective fields, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for all users.


Each member of our team is a seasoned expert in their specific field. We're readily available to assist and address any inquiries you may have. The verification of our team has been certified by the reputable KYC assurance agency, Assure Defi. View KYC

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